Deep Bowl | Pack of 8

Pack of 8


(£9 per unit)

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Unique fruit bowl for the restaurant as a salad dish, or as a fruit ‘room amenity’ bowl.

It is stackable and chip resistant; perfect for high volume operations.

Diameter: 19.5cm / height: 5cm

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 5 cm
Country of Origin

Packaging Disposal


Product Disposal

Raw Materials

Items per Pack 8
User Guidance

Dishwasher Safe (90 C / 200 F)

Raw Materials Glass
Environmental Impact

No-toxic materials | Colors are lead and cadmium free | Glass is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled in close loop over and over again | Almost no use of water and low amount of waste produced during production | Glass is a sustainable material; abundant raw materials for glass production | Low temperature in the kiln compare to other materials such as porcelain | Most materials are sourced within EU | On-demand production with a pre-order based system without the need of keeping stock and use warehouse space

Country of Origin Bulgaria
Packaging Disposal General Waste, Recyclable

The carton box is recyclable, we advise keeping the bubble wrap  to reuse it, if it cannot be reused it should be disposed in general waste.

Product Disposal Recyclable

The bowl can be recycled in the general glass recycling bins.


Shipped from Bulgaria


Our products are made of glass and are recyclable. Our production method makes our products ultra-durable, minimizing waste. We recycle all our glasses pieces (glass is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled in a close loop over and over again). Our colors are non-toxic and lead & cadmium-free. Energy and water usage in the factory is at a minimum (low temperature in the kiln compare to other materials such as porcelain). Low amount of waste produced. Our bento boxes are with food-safe adhesive assembly. Elaboration of metals is done near our factory. On-demand production with a pre-order-based system without the need of keeping stock. 

At MyGlassStudio we are tableware designers. We design true bespoke dinnerware, table accessories, serve ware, and room amenity presentations for the foodservice industry. With 3 libraries of 1800 shapes, 170 colors, and 200 patterns, we are able to create “Only and Exactly What the Customer Needs”. A tableware concept unique and exclusive for your restaurant. In our design, we also incorporate other materials as well, such as metal, brass, leather, wood, and stone/marble.

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